Post 2: The benefits of protein powder

Protein Powder

For active athletes protein is a staple in their diet. Some people just consume protein from natural sources i.e meat. After reading up on it a little more on The benefits of Protein Powder, most athletes are not getting enough protein in their diet. Protein powder is can be used in many ways, one of proteins main roles is the building of muscles. Protein powder can increase your body mass,  increase your immune system and help the red blood cells in your body. Protein powder can be taken in juice, milk, water or in a smoothie of your choice and should be taken right before or right after exercise. What are your thoughts on protein powder? Do you think it should a meal replacement? If you are not doing a lot of physical exercise do you think that it is necessary to consume protein powder in high levels?



One thought on “Post 2: The benefits of protein powder

  1. I think protein powder can be useful if used responsibly. I don’t think it should replace meals. I don’t think protein powder is necessary if you aren’t engaged in lots of physical exercise.

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